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    Hidden Menus showing up in middle of desktop; not on toolbar

    jbeardsley77 Level 1

      or the last 24 hours, I've spent that entire time pulling my hair out trying to figure out why, after no settings change I can think of, my Hidden Menus's from the TOOL BAR pops up in the center of my screen.   It's not preventing me from doing work;  but it's really,  REALLY, REALLLLLLY annoying.


      hidden menu tools.jpg


      As you can see, It's not even anywhere close to where it needs to be. 


      Things ive tried:


      1.  Reseting my prefs....   shift+cntrl+alt and starting program.    Nothing

      2.  Uninstalling, removing registry notes, reinstalling.   Nothing

      3.  Undocking Toolbar.      Same place


      I am currently using a Dual Monitor setup, with Hydravision on a 7870 ATI card.   My middle monitor is an HDMI, and the other is a DVI *never had problems in the past.


      I have checked and checked and I've found nothing.    I'm about to try a system recovery....  but my hopes are not high.



      Thanks in advance to my Hero/Heroin that knows the answer.


      (originally posted in InCopy forums... whoops)