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    Trigger 'Next-Frame' on Movie Clip End

    redtiger Level 1
      I have ten frames, each containing a Flash Video File. How can I create a listner for the end of the clip and then move to the next frame?

      Using Flash Professional 8
      Flash Video Playback

      Thank you.
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          clbeech Level 3
          if you are using the FLVPlayback component (which would be best) you could set a listener for the 'complete' event and then call to the main timeline to advance to the next frame. However, you could also keep the FLV files externally, and load then into the FLV component reducing the file size of the swf, then on the triggering of the complete even you would call a method to load the next FLV file.

          However if you have a FLVPlayback component on each frame, and you wish to advance the root timeline, in the actions layer for each frame use a listener for the complete event, like so:

          (or if in the last frame of the main timeline use: _level0.gotoAndStop(1); )

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            redtiger Level 1
            I'm using a FLVPlayback component for each frame and the video files are kept externally. I'm not very familiar with actionscript. I'll give you $50 paypal if you can send me an example or I can send you the files and you can do the code for me? Thanks.
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              clbeech Level 3
              hey red, I could so something for you, but why don't you send me the just the fla file first so I can see where your at.

              send to: chris@beechstudios.com
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                I'm a new user and came across this posting. I have a .fla file that is calling an external .flv file and playing it. I'm trying to get it to go to another frame to show my contact information but that's where I get caught up. Here is the code that is being used:

                frame 1 =
                display.playPauseButton = display_PlayPause;
                display.volumeBar = display_VolumeBar;
                display.seekBar = display_seek;
                display.contentPath = "life2.flv";

                frame 130=

                frame 135=
                stop ();

                Now, I have added 'HELLO' to frame 136 but I cannot get it to advance. I've tried copying and pasting your code UNDER 'stop (); in frame 135 but it still doesn't work. Can you provide some insight as to what I'm doing wrong?