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    Please help??!


      Hello. I downloded the free trial and downloaded the tutorial and all, but it won't open!

      It keeps leading me to the dowload page.... Someone please help!!

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          ranielse Adobe Employee


          I'm sorry, but I don't completely understand the problem. That said, let's confirm a few things:


          * After you click Download  on the How to edit a photo page, you go to the Photoshop CC page. On that page, you click Download again, which for me (on Windows) displays a prompt to open up the Creative Cloud application. You should click OK at that point. If you don't have the Creative Cloud app installed, you may get additional prompts as part of that app's install procedure. This app must be installed, as it manages all CC application installs/updates/uninstalls.


          Does that help explain things? I know it's an extra step, but I find that the Creative Cloud desktop app is a great way to manage/administer which apps I have installed.


          Please let me know how it goes.

          Randy Nielsen

          Product Integration Manager, Creative Cloud Learning & Training