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    Photoshop and SSD's

    Hudechrome Level 2

      I had a problem show up lately. Windows warned me about running out of memory and urged I shut down Photoshop. Among suggestions as to why, the notice indicated that the paging file may be too small. Now here is where the SSD comes in.


      I have the Samsung 840 (not the Pro) 240G. Samsung's optimization setup configures the paging file min 200MB Max 1024MB. Windows says 200 min too small for error data collection, suggests 800 min and also suggests max to be about the size of RAM. I have 12G.


      So it's between a rock and a hard place. I haven't seen this error since early days of Photostiching with inadequate RAM.


      So for the moment, I have C configured to the Samsung spec, 200 to 1024MB, and a separate HDD configured System Managed. That maxes out to approx 12G


      Any thoughts?