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    Motion within Motion Question

    MikeinNJ Level 1

      Hi Everyone... I am just learning this program and I think I am getting it. So I made some motion stuff, pretty cool! I even integrated it into Adobe Muse....pretty nifty!!


      Here is my question... let's say I want to make a bird and flap it's wings while it is moving. I can make the bird flap it's wings and I can move the bird, but how do I do both simotaneously. I tried searching threads here and maybe I am just phrasing the question wrong to figure it out without troubling any of you.


      Any insight is appreciated!



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          MikeinNJ Level 1

          UPDATE....... I am really close to making it happen! (I THINK) I am discovering "Convert to Symbol!!!"


          Am I on the right track??

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            MikeinNJ Level 1

            NAILED IT!!! For anyone wondering the same thing.... it is simple!! It is all about Convert to Symbol, you essentially create a timeline within a timeline.


            In my particular case I had a butterfly I created in Illustrator. I made two alternate versions with different wing positions. I moved the images into Edge Animate EXACTLY on top of each other.


            Each image has a time line with DISPLAY on/off, and they alternate each other exactly creating the perfect motion of wing flapping. I highlight the two images and then CONVERT TO SYMBOL which then gives them a new timeline that I used to move them around the page. For some adding fun, when they landed into the position I added a curved easment so they spring a little when they land... IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!!!!


            Thank you ADOBE!!!

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              resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              This is exactly what I did! Flapping is made with display on/off. then this symbol is inserted into another symbol and made to move on an x axis. Result: flying above the landscape.


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                MikeinNJ Level 1

                Yup! Exactly how I did it..... I am new at this. I have a 20 plus year background with photoshop and illustrator and decided a week ago I need to learn how to program for the web. I wasn't about to learn HTML so I downloaded Muse and Edge Animate.... LOVE IT!! I was so happy when I figured out how to flap some wings.... knowledge is happiness!!


                Our layering technique looks nearly identical. ; )

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                  resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Cool! glad you figured it out.

                  Howerver, I think that most graphics designers make the biggest mistake when they do not want to learn coding to take care themselves of own their art. When you do, you become free (from having to wait and depend on coders) and also you are more marketable. Something to think about!

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                    MikeinNJ Level 1

                    Ughh.... where do you even start leanring code? I am not against it at all, I know a little bit of code. And what program would you suggest for coding, dream weaver? I do think I am against Flash at this point, I am hearing tha flash is out and HTML 5 is the way to go with Adobe Edge Animate.


                    I guess I feel I am 40 years old...not sure about new tricks. Muse and Edge Animate is simple and what you see on screen is basically what you get. However, I am a whiz in filemaker and have a huge passion for databases. I know Muse doesn't work with MYSQL.... I need to take the plunge!