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    Indesign workspaces not syncing

    Ben Juan

      I have updated Indesign and the 'sync settings' option appears, but as far as I can see, after syncing my work computer (which has the preferences I want) then syncing on my laptop, they both remain as is.


      Am i doing something wrong?

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          Arpit Kapoor Adobe Employee

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            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you have InDesign CC, preferences are NOT yet synced.


            Choose Preferences > Sync Settings note which things can be synced.

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              Inprov Ryan Level 1

              I'm looking at Sync Settings, and Workspaces is one of the options. However, my Workspaces are not syncing on my InDesign CC. In fact, I can't even tell if anything is being synced.

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                Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Here's a Help article on syncing settings. Maybe it will help:



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                  Inprov Ryan Level 1

                  I've already read it. We had to do a complete reinstall of CC, so I synced Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to the cloud. When I booted them up after the installation, InDesign was the only app that didn't ask me if I wanted to sync presets. When I did a manual sync, my custom Workspace was not imported. Thankfully, I always keep a local backup.


                  BTW, I would REALLY love the preferences to sync.

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                    I'm having this issue too, booth on CC and CC 2014. My workspaces are not syncing in InDesign.

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                      Dinesh Kukreja Adobe Employee

                      Hi Syelon

                      From sync setting feature perspective i just want to let you the following:

                      - Sync setting feature only sync custom workspaces. The default workspaces "Essential/Typography/Advance" are not synced.

                      - Modification made in custom workspaces after its creation are not synced. So we recommend you first create all the arrangement of the panels as per your requirement and then create your customer workspace.


                      Could you please update whether you are able to sync other assets for example : PDF preset from Machine A ->Machine B ?

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                        Tom Van Damme Level 1

                        Same issue here. I created a workspace at home since I thought my workspace at work was a modified Essentials workspace (but was not the case apparently - checked this morning) to try and sync it at work.

                        After syncing my custom space created at home does not appear in the workspace pull down at work. It appears nothing has changed at all.

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                          Dinesh, So what is the point of offering workspace syncing if a) only custom workspaces sync, and b) custom workspaces wont' sync after they are modified?

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                            Dinesh Kukreja Adobe Employee

                            We thought of syncing the modified workspaces as well but we run into some technical limitation in doing so. Also since the default workspaces(Essential, advance etc.) are already coming by default with InDesign so there is not point in syncing across different machine. So if you want to sync your workspace then you should first arrange all your panel as per your requirement and then create a new custom workspace. We will try to improve this workflow in upcoming release.

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                              Have tried your workflow and I am still unable to sync anything. I specifically want to sync workspace, but I have tried clearing cloud settings and trying to re-sync again, I have tried hacing both versions open at the same time etc.. but still no happiness! Can someone please tell me when this advertised feature actually works.

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                                I can assure you that Indesign has never synced my custom workspace either. Even though it is checked in sync settings & I have settings showing up at the CC website under "desktop sync settings". INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING to not have these workspaces seeing as no 2 people set their workspaces alike. This is especially troublesome in Indesign considering how far away from the default panels my workspace has moved.

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                                  erroredthrone Level 1

                                  I have found a working solution that involves local settings transfer. You can use edit>migrate>restore previous local settings to move your workspaces on your local install. Still not sure what to do about your other installations in remote locations.

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                                    @erroredthrone Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! That worked beautifully.

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                                      ANOTHERMATTRYAN Level 1

                                      Why can't all the various programs Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign at least use the same terminology and language? Its like they are all made on different planets.

                                      Photoshop: Great simple "Do I want to download my sync settings or Upload" - there is no mistake here <<applause>>

                                      InDesign: SYNC?? sync what ?? Sync what I have previously put up in the cloud? No, that never works. Sync UP or DOWN? C'mon guys communication between developing groups, pretend like you care.

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                                        Christopher Alan Goodsell

                                        Why the heck is this so difficult? Dropbox manages to keep billions of files in perfect sync. I just want my workspace to be the same on 2 machines in the same office. We just landed a probe on a Comet for goodness sake!

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                                          I have to agree....I like the Photoshop terminology as well, no mistakes there.  I too am like "sync what" on Indesign and Illustrator.  And for the record, NOTHING is syncing on my machines.  No workspaces or pdf presets, or anything else I can see. 

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                                            GoSv Level 1

                                            Maybe it would be intresting to point which program is refered as the master. Because how does it know which one is the prefered setting to sync?

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                                              Hello, I also had issues trying to get my workspaces to match up between desktop and laptop after repeated restarts, sign on/offs, and reinstallations.  Here are a few things that may be entirely obvious to everyone else, but ended up solving my problem one way or another:

                                              1. On my desktop, there was a CS6 installed.  I moved all the folders somewhere else, i.e., out of the Adobe folder in Program Files, and the sync was able to work.
                                                1. The workspaces I had created before this move did NOT sync, but the new ones I created since did.
                                                2. I'm assuming something within one of these folders was interfering, but I didn't bother to try and track it down.
                                              2. Make sure, after the sync, you select the workspace/menu from the dropdowns.  For example, I didn't think my keyboard shortcuts made it; I had to manually select my shortcuts file from the dropdown within the keyboard shortcuts box (they didn't load automatically, which makes sense).
                                                1. Also note that the workspace tools/panels may be synced, but the color scheme will not.  I have a custom % darkness that was not carried to the other device.
                                              3. When sync was eventually working, there was an active "Apply Now" button I had to click to apply changes when something changed.  To me, it appears that if one just syncs for the heck of it, there isn't this option to apply changes since nothing has changed.  Thus, if this option never appears, then things are likely still not working properly.

                                              I should also note that as of this posting, my CC and InDesign app were both up to date (version

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                                                TonyRedhead Level 2

                                                I'm having the same problem syncing between two computers. Two brand new computers one an iMac and the other a MacBook Air. New installs of InDesignCC (2014) but I'm not seeing the "Apply Button" anywhere.

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                                                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                  Hi Tony.


                                                  The button should say “Sync Settings Now” and be in your Preferences>Sync Setting pane. There’s also a sync button in the bottom right of the workspace.


                                                  You need to use both. First sync them in the prefs. That should make the apply now button available in the status bar, but you need to have a document open to see it.


                                                  Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

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                                                    sweniat Level 1

                                                    Could you please add an screenshot where the "sync button" is at the bottom? Im searching and see nothing


                                                    Thanks Bob

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                                                      GoSv Level 1

                                                      Nope, personal worksspaces are neither syncing here (w7 x64 latest cc2014) and that's very frustrating because we're migrating allot here at work.

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                                                        Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                        This is what the Sync Settings preference should like (Mac):



                                                        This is what the button available at the bottom left when a file is open looks like after you click on it:




                                                        If it's not working, make sure you're logged into your Adobe ID. If necessary, log out and log in again.

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                                                          piratejabez Level 1

                                                          After upgrading from CC 2014 to CC 2015, my settings transferred perfectly. But yesterday InDesign CC 2015 crashed, and all of my settings went with it (specifically my workspace). CC 2014 was still fine. But no amount of restarts or syncing everything from CC 2014 to the cloud and then back down to CC 2015 could bring my settings back.


                                                          Fortunately, erroredthrone's "Migrate Previous Local Settings" did the trick, and since it's only been a couple weeks since the upgrade I barely notice a difference between my current workspace and the one I lost. I would, however, going forward, like to have more faith in the cloud-based Sync Settings feature that seems to be worthless for many users.


                                                          (Late-2013 MacBook Pro Retina)