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    Youtube Presets Unsatisfactory - Very Specific Help Request




      There is some reading here but from lurking around for a while I know there are some incredibly generous members here. Help would be very much appreciated!


      I am exporting a clip from Premiere Pro CS5 to upload to Youtube.

      The clip has lots of sporting action in it and I want the video to maintain smoothness of motion.


      I have used CS5's Youtube presets without great results. I have uploaded 10 or so different versions based on Youtube's accepted file types and none are satisfactory – the motion is too blurry.


      Here are the camera's recording specs:

      PAL SD widescreen 720 X 576

      in MPEG-2 format

      8.5 Mbps (VBR) @

      25 frames per second


      Here are the sequence settings:

      PAR: D1/DV PAL Widescreen 16:9 (1.4587) (So 1050 X 576)

      25 frames per second

      Upper field first


      The source material is dragged into CS5 and interpreted at a PAR of 1.4587.


      With my main goal being to maintain smoothness of motion on Youtube -

      1. Is H.264 the best option? If no, what do you recommend?

      2. What are the specific export settings I should be following/playing around with?

      3. Are there any in-sequence settings I should use/avoid?


      I have been reading and watching tutorials and struggling with this for a week so any other recommendations or resources to learn about this are much appreciated. Please help!