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    CFM and Windows Authentication

      My web server is using Windows Authentication to control access to different directories. I need to be able to use IsUserInRole to determine what links a user will see based on the Group they are in in Active Directory.

      Example - I have a Group called Web Admins, and there are several users in that group... so this piece of code should allow them access to info if they are in that group:

      <cfif isUserInRole("Web Admins")>
      <p><strong>Yes in the Role</strong></p>
      <p><strong>Not in the Role</strong></p>

      BUT - because of the way our network is set up - the user account that is passed to IIS includes our domain: mydomain/username.

      So, when the IsUserInRole() function is called, it returns a false response - the user is not in that role b/c it's reading the username with the domain info still attached.

      I figured out how to strip the mydomain/ from the username for display purposes - but not the IsUserInRole() function. Any ideas?