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    Navigation Bar

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      I want to create a navigation bar that consists of two parts, on the left side of my page. The first part includes symbols and is narrow; the second part includes the description of the symbols and is therefore wider.  The first bar is always visible. The second bar should be invisible on page load and fly in when triggered (by rolling the mouse over the first narrow part). When rolling off the second part, it should fly out again. I managed to let the second bar fly in and created a button with the same size as the second, wider bar, which triggers the "fly out" effect when the mouse moves off this button. So far, so good.

      The tricky part is that I want to include 10 smaller buttons within the second part, which change color when rolled over and which link to different pages.

      I manage to trigger the second bar and let the different buttons change their colors etc. but the problem is that the second bar doesn´t fly out again. It seems that the button that triggers the fly out effect is underneath the other buttons and can therefore not be triggered.


      Here is a picture of what I just described. I hope it helps to understand my problem.


      Is there a different and more elegant way to create such a navigation bar?Navigation Bar.png