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    Text missing after placing word doc




      I'm a self-trained novice so I only know a few basics.


      I'm typesetting an A5 document from an A4 word doc. I'm using indesign from CSS6. I do this procedure all the time. I tend to:


      Create doc (inc. number of pages)
      Place word doc
      Use + button at bottom until text runs out and + button disappears. Sometimes this does this automatically, sometimes not, I have to d othis manually as explained. I don't know why, I'm that much of a novice.
      I tend not to use a text box


      Today I placed text. The title appeared but the rest of the text of a 4000 word piece was missing..


      Differences from other times: Indesign went through more of a process before placing was available after choosing text. The text was converted from a .pdf to a .doc(for original editing purposes).


      Otherwise I'm stumped. I've closed indesign down and reopened, Resaved the word doc. I've put a text box in. Still missing text. The text is in TNRoman so not a missing font.





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          Salah Fadlabi Level 5

          Check Keep Options>Start Paragraph on Paragraph Style Option

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            Askemp70 Level 1

            Thankyou for your reply


            Couldn't find that option.


            I'm assuming that to access these options you mean click the 'show import options' when choosing the file


            On doing this this the nearest equivalent is 'preserve styles and formatting from text and tables'


            and then under that: manual Page Breaks -> [drop down menu] preserve page breaks


            and Import styles automatically -> Paragraph style conflicts -> [drop down menu] Use Indesign Style Definitions


            Anyway, that makes no difference. Fwiw it is reporting no style name conflicts.


            I'm going to try to a) import from .pdf although for some reason, and I do remember that I have had issues with this authors .pdfs before, the 'pdf is not placing properly either. It is appearing on only first page even when all pages checked in options.


            b) try reconvert to .doc again and see if there is an issue in the conversion process.


            I've been typesetting a whole load of articles over the last few days with no problem. But I do remember having probelms with this authors work before, but not like this and it was a year ago so I've forgotten what I did... grrr


            Thanks anyway, and if I've completely misunderstood, could you explain where this options button is. Thank you



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              Askemp70 Level 1

              Resolved problem. I remembered what I did in frustration last year and did it again. The luddite way. Highlight entire word doc and copy and pasted it instead of place.