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    Feedback from  Users

    Jusnatters Level 1
      Other than the reports we can get from Robohelp, is there a way that we can set up a "user" feedback link within Robohelp that the users can go to and provide their own feedback?

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          MergeThis Level 4
          We use the following at the bottom of every topic. It's a merged project and the feedback_script.js file sits at the root (master project), therefore the "../../" path. The contents of the .js file is first, followed by the links at the bottom of each topic.

          Be sure you don't introduce any extra line breals when you're modifying the .js file info with your email address, etc.

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            midlo Level 1

            MergeThis: Excuse me for bringing up ancient history, but what I see of your reply to a forum member last 1/15/08 doesn't show whatever was included or attached at the bottom of the reply. I'm guessing that it was an example of a user feedback device. By any chance, do you have that available to pass on to me or repost?


            Or, do you know of a different device/method of collecting user feedback that would be worth trying out.




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              MergeThis Level 4



              We use this at the bottom of each topic. Note the horizontal rule, the Online conditional, and the relative path for the javascript file (this is a mergedproject, and I have the feedback_script.js file at the root (parent project) level. Adjust as necessary.


              <p> </p>

              <hr style="width: 300px;
                 float: aligncenter;
                 color: #d9e4da;
                 x-condition: Online;"

              <p style="text-align: center; x-condition: Online;"
              align=center><script src="../../feedback_script.js"
              style="x-condition: Online;"></html></script></p>

              <p> </p>


              This feedback_script.js file sits at the root (parent project) level, as noted above. Note the line break (\n\n = two new lines) in the mailbody. The file name (from location.href) will appear as a link when the user's mail opens a new message from this link. Note that the "var mailDisplay" string populates the string in your topic represented by the "script src="../../feedback_script.js" call. It's also a good idea to set aside a dedicated "emailaddress" for this function and assign one or two people to monitor the messages that come in. Since the merged project's path appears in the email, I simply reply to the user and copy the responsible writer (using a boilerplate .txt file), and let them (or me ) work out the issue.


              var mailSubject = 'Online Help (Version Number?) Comment';
              var mailBody = '[Enter comments here] \n\nMy comments apply to this page: ' + location.href;
              var mailDisplay = 'Feedback on this page';
              '<a href="mailto:emailaddress@xxxxxx.com'
              + '?subject=' + escape(mailSubject)
              + '&body=' + escape(mailBody
              + '">' + mailDisplay + '</a>');


              As with any JavaScript, be absolutely sure that each line remains intact (there should be eight lines, with no extra carriage returns). That is, the lines should start with the colored bold strings.



              Good luck,


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                Hi...I use GoogleDocs to combine a user feedback form with a results spreadsheet which works really well for my purposes. It takes no time to set up and works really well...users love it. However you do have to be comfortable with google hosting it.


                alb, mike

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                  midlo Level 1

                  Thanks MergeThis--We implemented one similar to this last year, to try out. Very few responses so far, but the associated product is specialized with small user base.


                  When I have time I'd like to figure  out a way to 1)present it as a popup under a hyperlink rather than open text and 2)enable the From line in the response mail to be anonymous. Assuming you have an understanding of Javascript, do you suppose either of those possible by means of javascript or better off looking to different methods? For example, can RH 8 functions enable 1)? Upgrading to RH 8 soon.



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                    midlo Level 1

                    mr scrib--I'm looking into Google Analytics for monitoring help usage but hadn't considered Google Docs for surveys. Now I see they have survey templates, but I don't immediately see on their site instructions for linking that to a GD spreadsheet for automatically logging responses. Is that what you're using/doing?




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                      Sorry to pull on an old thread, but if I'm reading this discussion correctly then RoboHelp 8 does

                      not provide this functionality organically. Is this correct? We are simply looking to institute a feedback mechanism through either radio buttons or links rather than to an email address. We're also looking for more than the basic hit reporting that RoboHelp 7 Server does. Does anyone have any thoughts? Many thanks.

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                        Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                        What about the RoboServer 8? See http://www.adobe.com/products/robohelpserver/features/ for details. Combine it with Google analytics for hit counting.


                        For feedback, you can create a form and use a server side script (such as a CGI-script) to send an e-mail to you. The user won't notice the e-mail. The guys who host your help can probably tell you more about this. Once they set the script up, you let the form submit to the script and let the script handle the rest.






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                          midlo Level 1

                          Your suggestions seem quite ambitious to me, working in a context in which content and subject matter dominate with precious little time or staff for attending to tools and their technology.


                          Are the suggestions theoretical or have you implemented them, or have experience with an implementation?

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                            Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                            All suggestions are workable, but the may take some time to implement. I don't use RH Server 8, but I have several sites that use Google Analytics and that works quite easy and takes only a couple of minutes to set up.


                            As for the CGI-script, I haven't used that for some years now. I prefer a server side script (php) that sends e-mails or stores information in a database.


                            If you don't want to use e-mail, you'll have to come up with a solution. If you don't mind users sending an e-mail, but you want to use a form, you can create a form that puts the results in a mail. The user than sends this mail using their own e-mail program:


                            <form method=POST action="mailto:youremail?subject=subject"

                            name=Parkeerplaats_opgeven enctype="text/plain" class=form onSubmit="return checkform('Parkeren_form');"


                                  YOUR FORM



                            This is the method I use for my projects that can't use a server side script or database. No scripts, no installation, no hassle. This one sends plain text in an e-mail, but you can play around with that. See http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_form.asp for more info on forms.





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                              Nick@Tag Level 2

                              Hi all, I've been doing this exact thing the last few days.

                              With the help file I work on, I've developed 2 ways for user feedback.

                              The first is the Feedback button that is present on the webhelp skin itself. With help from Peters site and some other posts I used this to setup a custom button on the webhelp skin - this is for users providing feedback on the help guide content itself

                              It creates an email, using a email client (eg outlook) with a predefined email address, subject, and the path of the page the user is looking at:

                              Some of the error checking is to do with IE so the feedback button functions well, and alerts the user to a problem, mainly that through IE you cannot send feedback when the user is viewing a PDF in the topic pane.




                              var myFeedback = function()
                              try {
                              window.location=('mailto:your@email.com?Subject=Feedback&body=Please leave this page reference: ' + window.parent.frames[1].frames[1].document.title +' ' + escape(window.parent.frames[1].frames[1].document.location))
                              txt="Sorry, but feedback can not be sent via a PDF page.\n\n";
                              txt+="Click OK to continue.\n\n";


                              The second is an HTML form like the ones you have been suggested for users to contact the various helpdesks etc that we operate so they contact the correct people. It is tied to a mailto action, which isnt ideal by any means and we will be moving to an ASP script shortly which uses CDO to send the email so users with an email client setup can submit the form, it is much tidies, and better practice, but its a start for now. The form is filled by a user and send again to a specified email. It also includes some checking for mandatory fields.


                              javascript check for mandatory fields, must be inside <head> tag


                              <script type="text/javascript">//<![CDATA[
                              function checkForm(frm){
                              msg = "" , "Select...";
                                    msg += "Your name is required\n\n";
                                    msg += "Your surname is required\n\n";
                                    msg += "An email address is required\n\n";
                                    msg += "A URL is required";
                                 if(msg != ""){
                                    return false;




                              The form itself. inside the <body> tag


                              <form method="post" name="myForm" action="mailto:your@email.com?Subject=New Ticket"
                                       onsubmit="return checkForm(this)" enctype="text/plain" style="width: 382px;">
                              <table style="height: 359px; left: 0px; top: 0px;" cellspacing="0" width="345">
                                  <col width="296" />
                                      <td><h4>First Name <span style="color: #ff0000;">*</span></h4>
                                      <p class="BodyText"><input type="text" name="Name" style="width: 430px;" /></p></td>
                                      <td><h4>Surname <span style="color: #ff0000;">*</span></h4>
                                      <p class="BodyText"><input type="text" name="Surname" style="width: 430px;" /></p></td>
                                      <p class="BodyText"><input type="text" name="Phone" style="width: 430px;" /></p></td>
                                      <td><h4>Email <span style="color: #ff0000;">*</span></h4>
                                      <p class="BodyText"><input type="text" name="Email" style="width: 430px;" /></p></td>
                                      <td><h4>Tag:cmd URL <span style="color: #ff0000;">*</span></h4>
                                      <p class="BodyText"><input type="text" name="URL" style="width: 430px;" /></p></td>
                                      <td><h4>Tag:cmd Username</h4>
                                      <p class="BodyText"><input type="text" name="Username" style="width: 430px;" /></p></td>
                                      <td><h4>Details of Problem</h4>
                                      <p class="BodyText"><textarea name="Details of Problem " rows="2"
                                                                       cols="50" style="width: 435px;
                                                                       height: 173px;"></textarea></p></td>
                                      <td><p align="right"><input type="submit" value="Send" style="width: 83px;" /></p></td>




                              Hope it is helpful.