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    Footage of 24 FPS and 30 FPS out of sync on export


      Currently creating a show and our main bulk footage is 23.97 FPS.  I then recieved a music video which was 29.97 FPS.  I created a timeline for the 23.97 footage and made that my main timeline.  I then took the 29.97 footage and put that in the main timline, but noticed there was a bit of aduio lag.  So I opened up a new sequence of 29.97 FPS, inserted the footage that was lagging and then nested that footage in the main footage timeline (23.97).  The playback is now great and looks awesome on Adobe.  The issue comes in when we try to export it.  I've tried exporting at 30 FPS and 24 FPS, still audio lag on that one section of the video (music Video 29.97)  I've also looked into exporting as XML and still no fix.  Is there a way for Adobe to export this file with no lag?  Seems really annoying if it looks great in the timeline but you can't export it as is.  Any help would be greatly appreciated as our release date is October 2nd.


      Someone else has had this issue and didn't find a fix.  He had taked the audio track and bumped it back a little where it looked out of sync on preimere but exported correctly.  There has to be an easier way... I hope.