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    Auto-Tone: LR4 vs. LR5?


      I am using Lightroom 4 - and was thinking about upgrading to Lightroom 5 if it fixes the biggest issue I have with LR4: The disatrous "Auto-tone" functionality.


      My files are Sony ARW raw files (from the Alpha 700), and I am using the "2012" process. The results of "Auto-Tone are consistently disastrous, for more than 80% of the pictures ending up being completely unusable, underexposed by up to two stops.


      Does anyone know if this has been fixed in LR5?


      Here is the "original" picture (well, I know it's not great, but...)



      And here is what happens if I click on "auto-tone":



      This is not an extreme, but more a typical example of what I am experiencing.

      Anyone who has better results when using it in LR5?


      I'm hesitant to spend more money on a product that does not fix the biggest flaws.