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    Vector smart object is rendering poorly.


      Has anyone run across an issue when pasting complex Vector Smart Objects into Photoshop CC?


      I created a shape in Illustrator CC, added an Extrude and Bevel effect to it, and then pasted it as a smart object in Photoshop CC. The first example what it looks like in Illustrator CC, the second is what it pastes as in Photoshop CC.
      As you can see, it is rendering it very poorly and totally unusable as a Smart Object.



      I've recently updated to CC, and this never happened in CS5. Is there a new preference in CC that helps render vector objects? maybe something I turned off by accident?





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          RobertoBlake Level 2

          Hi Mike,

          Is the screenshot of the final file at 100% or just a preview at a different size? What you may want to try now that Photoshop has the ability to do true 3D rendering is bring your illustrator shape over as a shape and then extrude as needed in Photoshop using the new 3D tools.


          Probably not ideal since you could do this automatically in the previous version.


          Additionally you may want to check your preference settings especially the advanced settings for the 3D and OpenGL. It could be that the preferences are set differently than in your previous version etc.


          I hope this helps!

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            mleser123 Level 1

            Thanks for the helpful tips.


            • The screens were taken at 100%, cropped for space and unfortunately optimized as jpegs. But you can see that the after image has lines and jagged edges instead of a smoother gradient and softer edges.
            • Unfortunately my computer can no longer support 3D since Photoshop CC requires a video card with 512mb of vram. I only have 256mb.
            • I've tried a few different performance changes in preferences, but nothing stood out as the cause.


            The only work around I found was to export from illustrator as a png but that negates the usefullness of smart objects.


            Thanks again,



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              Level 7

              Photoshop is just rendering what Illustrator put in the PDF or EPS file.

              And the rendering quality has improved greatly since CS5.


              But Photoshop can only use what Illustrator puts in the PDF or EPS file (Illustrator writes it's own private data out as well - which is what it works with for editing).

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                mleser123 Level 1

                That makes sense. When I tried to see what it would look like if I exanded all of the effects, the outcome was identical to what I saw in Photoshop. and the same again when I viewed the file as a PDF.


                What doesn't make sense is that this did not happen in the lower rendering quality of CS5. Perhaps it is rendering it too sharply, so every tiny imperfection shows through.


                hmm. I've found a work around by exporting hi-res PNGs. It's annoying, but at least it's usable.



                Thanks everyone.