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    still can't find old photoshop.com albums


      I previously asked (ans by Patty F) how to find previously defaulted-to-transfer from Photoshop to Revel albums.  The answer was to sign on to Revel and hit the three bars in the upper left and choose the "photoshop.com Library".  I did that and get only my currently-uploaded Revel album and none of the albums transfered from the old Photoshop.com.

      It also wasn't obvious to me how to continue this thread without starting a new question.

      I found that there is no longer a sort function for the photos in an album. ...not good.

      I started to send this question without a "title". I highlighted the "Please enter a title." and tried to enter a new one and it wouldn't take.  I had to copy this question and put it in a new question entry that correctly included a title.


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          You have two libraries in revel. One is your photoshop.com library (with 34 photos.), and the other is Rich's library (with no photos).

          I can't tell if those 34 photos migrated or were added by you after migration.


          You can login to adoberevel.com and see the libraries, or load the app and  login from a mac,  an iOS device, or Win8 tablet or computer.


          If you believe that you had other photos on photoshop.com and you are not seeing them in revel, then it is likely that one of these is the case:

          -You opted out of migration and nothing transferred

          -You had an account under another email with photos in it.

          -You are an elements user and your photoshop.com account was not in sync with your Elements organizer.