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    Nested lists in epub - alignment problems for list items.

    SueC2009 Level 1

      Hello all,

      Has anyone been able to generate an epub output that includes nest lists that are aligned properly?

      I have been trying to get nested lists to behave properly for a long time, with Multilevel lists, HTML lists, converting autonumbering to text, but to no avail.

      I have tried generated epub 2.0 output (using the script) and epub 3 output (using the SSL) to no avail. I am able to generate Webhelp with no problem.


      the epub 2.0 output using multilevel lists looks a bit better than the epub 3, but still not perfect. It looks fine in Robohelp, but not in the output as displayed on an ipad.


      epub 3 output seems to be a problem because the custom rh-list definitions are ignored completely.


      If anyone has figure out how to define nested lists (ordered and unordered) for output to epub, please let me what method you are using.


      I've attached some photos.


      In Robohelp it looks fine:

      lists in robohelp.gif


      In ibooks at small font, it looks all right, but there are a few small alignment issues:

      small font.gif


      In ibooks at large font, the issues are more apparent:

      large font.gif