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    ADE Installation on secure networks


      We need to activate ADE 1.7.2 on a high security network with no Internet connectivity and get the following error E_ADEPT_IO ActivationServiceInfo Error%20#2032 and can not get the the Authorize Computer menu item because it is preempted by the preceding error message.

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          sjpt Level 4

          You activate machines/devices: I'm not sure exactly how Adobe ADEPT DRM infrastructure stores the activation and correlates it with the machine.

          I don't think you will be able to activate except by temporarily taking a machine out of the secure environment and authorizing/activating.

          You will need to do this for each machine you want to run ADE on.


          How are you planning to transfer appropriately authorized books to the machine once it is back in the secure network?

          That will require another machine with internet access and authorized with the same ID, then transferring by file transfer (internal network, USB stick, ...).


          If you are not planning on using DRM books, don't use ADE at all, use something like the superior and free Calibre.