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    Remove banding from gradient light


      How the heck can I remove banding from light gradient? I watched over 100 tutorials about this and yet not a single one works for my case!!!!!

      I have a light set in dark red color over a solid layer. That creates a color gradient. But it's so blocky that messes up the whole video.


      My color depth is 32 bpc.

      I tried adding noise 5-10% (result:nothing)

      I added some boxing blur (result:nothing)


      In preview color seems (not sure about that)  to be ok but when saving it into mp4 then Ι get everything messed up.

      My output options:


      24 frames

      profile: high


      bitrate settings:vbr,1pass

      I don't know what to do!! I want a smooth gradient light on the solid layer without all this blocky look! why is it so difficult to have?!



      light  & solid layer