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    I'm so tired of issues since upgrading

    CC_Constant Can'ts

      I'll be honest. I'm beat down with Adobe. I've been an advocate for nearly 15 years but I'm so tired of my issues. I'm also tired of people making the same old suggestions as if I haven't tried the obvious fixes. It almost seems like it'd be easier to switch to Avid. The process of doing so would probably be less of a whip than sticking with Adobe at this point.


      Among my issues and the reason for this post:


      I produce 4 different weekly television programs. I have 3 different computers and my laptop. Normally I am using my laptop for graphics and the workstations for the big stuff. Let me start by assuring you my issues have nothing to do with my systems. They are all very robust and up to date on all drivers and updates in every area. They are also not related to cache, temp files, or preferences. Although I am aware that my question below has nothing to do with the system, I thought I'd start with that in case we discuss my other plethora of problems.


      I need to move a project I was working on from one computer to the other. However, on the second machine, I still have CS5. I can upgrade to CS6 but it is a XP Pro system and I did't want to upgrade to Windows7 until I was done with several of the other things I'm doing on that system. My other systems are all CC. I have read the forums but can't seem to find a way to get my CC project (which originated in CS5) to open up in CS5 with all the work I have done since I moved it to the other system. Is there a work around?


      I have tried to export an EDL but the EDL option in CC just allows for 4 audio tracks and 1 video track. This is a complex project with 6 stereo audio tracks and several video tracks.


      Please help

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sorry... CC projects are not backwards compatible http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1302635

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            CC_Constant Can'ts Level 1

            Isn't there a way to get around that though? I didn't use anything that was specific to CC. Or is there a way to export the EDL with the entire sequence and not just a few tracks?

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              Michael MTT Level 2

              Hi, it might sound a bit weird but you can try the following: Export as FCP-XMP and Import (not open!) with an older PPProject. I just tried this with CC to CS6 (no CS5 at reach) and it seemed to work fine with complex sequence too.

              All the best!

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                shooternz Level 6

                \I'll be honest. I'm beat down with Adobe. I've been an advocate for nearly 15 years but I'm so tired of my issues. I'm also tired of people making the same old suggestions as if I haven't tried the obvious fixes


                Just wondering how you got "tired of people making the same old suggestions"?


                You have only made two post in the forum and I cant find any suggestions you have received at all!


                Is this backwards compatibilty your only issue?

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                  CC_Constant Can'ts Level 1


                  You bring up a valid point. I have actually made several different posts in the past. The reason why you don't see history is because I have made the mistake of using different names when posting. This is in part because when i have posted, it has been simply to find an answer rather than build a profile. It is also in part because I have several different Adobe logins and never remember which one I used last time. I have 3 current logins where I have 3 active CC subscriptions because I work in different places. One subscription is paid for by the church where I am on staff. One subscription is paid for by a ministry I work for. One subscription is paid for by my production company. All my subscriptions have caused me problems on every computer I have put them one whereas I did not have issues prior to upgrading to CC.  I have posted numerous times in the past on CreativeCow but have found that sight less useful in the more recent past.


                  In the past, when I have posted my various issues, people default to responses assuming I know nothing and am simply trying to do things on a computer that is simply unable to handle the workload. There are a lot of people in these forums who simply do not really know that much but are more than willing to post answers as if they do.


                  The most recent issues that I have posted about have to do with Adobe Premiere not being able to smoothly play my timelines without studdering to the point of stopping work. People's answer end up just saying its my computer. That specific system is nearly brand new. It is a dual six-core 2.97ghz HP Z820 with 48gb ram, an AMD Firepro graphics card (I don't remember offhand which model), and using either an external usb3 drive or a G-tech Gspeedes raid through esata. My footage is currently Cineform avi files and even at 1/4 resolution it won't play smoothly. All software, windows 7, and graphics firmwares and driver updates are good.


                  A separate issue I have had on nearly every system is for the adobe applications to crash randomly when attempting to save as, open, import, or just about anything else that requires going into the various windows areas. This isn't every time but often. This isn't on just one computer but 4 or 5. This isn't on just one subscription account but all of them. This isn't with a specific file but various ones on various systems. This isn't one specific application but several of the CC ones I use. None of these issues were happening on any of my systems prior to upgrading to CC and nothing other than that upgrade has happened.


                  I have learned to save early and save often. The Adobe forums as well as the creative cow forums simply say I need to update my graphics drivers or clear my cache. Then when I say I have done that, people simply say it's gotta be my system cause it couldn't possibly be the most logical thing, Adobe.


                  As for the current backwards compatibility, the FCP export seems to have worked. I will move over to my CS5 system for that project and attempt to move a different project to the other system. It was a good suggestion that Michael MTT had. For what it's worth, I had already exported the FCP file thinking along the same lines. I simply hadn't imported it into the other system when I read Michael's suggestion. I don't say that to minimize Michael but to show that I'm not a beginner at this. (if you couldn't tell, I'm also tired of validating myself in order for people to take my issue seriously).


                  Probably more than you asked for

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                    shooternz Level 6

                    It certainly is weird that you have the same issues on 5 computers and all the issues are triggered by the CC (CS7) version of Premiere yet the same gear ran CS6 perfectly.


                    Beats me...sorry.

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      people simply say it's gotta be my system cause it couldn't possibly be the most logical thing, Adobe.


                      I'm actually going to say the same thing because I have it working just fine on four computers.  I know a lot of other folks do to.  So the question becomes what is different about your systems that most of us don't have?  Some piece of hardware, third party add-ons, a program, security features, driver versions, something.


                      The best place to start is asking are these dedicated editing rigs, with nothing installed except what you need for editing?


                      Next question, were these self-built machines or did they come with Windows pre-installed?  If the latter, did you immediately reformat the hard drives and reinstall Windows yourself?

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                        CC_Constant Can'ts Level 1

                        That's just it. I think I may be too close to it to be able to see the answer to that question. I use Mcaffee on all the systems. The new system is new so there isn't really much on it at all. My laptop I've been using smoothly for over a year with no issue until CC. Photoshop and Illustrator are the most common crashing apps on it because I don't do a lot of video on it.


                        On my Z800 (dual xeon quad core 2.4ghz intel, 24gb ram, Geforce Titan, XP), I don't seem to have all the same issues because is is running CS5. I have downloaded CS6 but keep 5 on there cause I have some very complex sequences that I didn't want to move over. I had just put 6 on cause it can't do CC as an XP.


                        On my Z600 (dual six core 2.6ghz intel, 24gb ram, Nvidia quadro fx4800, win7), it crashes often at various times when using CC. It is almost always when I am accessing some area of Windows from within the app. This happens in PP, AE, PH, IL, and ME - (my most common apps). For instance, if I go to export my timeline, if I go to change the title of the file or move the folder that it will export to, there is a 50/50 chance it's gonna crash the system. Instead, I send it out to ME as is and then in ME change the location. This seems to have a greater success rate although it too sometimes crashes. Sometimes after fighting, I finally export the file to the wrong folder with the wrong name and then later in Windows make my changes cause it seems to be more reliable.


                        On my Z820 (dual six core 2.9ghz intel, 48gb ram, AMD Radeon Firepro 7900, win7), it hasn't seemed to crash nearly as often but I haven't used it nearly as much because I've had my projects already going on those systems. (btw I put the AMD in this system cause it clearly had the most beef and I thought it may help to put the two better cards in the slower systems to try and make a more evenly distributed speed across the three systems - even though I know the 820 is far superior).


                        On my system at the church, I'll need to look at it's specs again cause its been a little while. However, there was the common ground that since updating to CC, the crashes tend to happen when accessing windows elements. That AV is kaspersky instead of mcaffee and has several other softwares on it whereas the softwares on the systems at my office are more limited.


                        I recognize that if I'm the only one experiencing the problems that I am, it is likely something with me or my systems. I just can't figure out what or why. One individual who is extremely knowledgable and leads in some forums thinks there is a chance that there is something buggy with my specific account somehow.


                        I will say that I feel like my Adobe CC asks to be updated to a newer version every other day and for some reason, if I move from one of my licensed computers to another, there is a good chance it's going to ask me to log in on the second computer as if I can't have it running on both computers at the same time. Meaning, I am allowed to put one license on two different computers. If those two computers are my laptop and my Z820, I'm likely going to be asked to log into my CC account when I move from one to the other. In the past, I didn't have to be nagged like this every time I got on the system. This doesn't seem to be the case now even though I am paying close to $150/month for my various subscriptions and am really the only person using all of them with the occaisional second or third person doing some minor work on them. My workflow in the past has been such that while one program is exporting a big project, one system is rendering an aftereffects project, I can be rough cutting on the third computer or something along these lines.

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                          Jim_Simon Level 8

                          Well, that's a lot to go through.  My suggestion would be to pick just one computer.  Take note of the specs, software and driver versions on that one system.  Pay attention to how Premiere Pro behaves on that one system.  Then come back and post all that data.  Leave out all data about any other system, focus on just the one.

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                            CC_Constant Can'ts Level 1

                            I can swallow that response. In this type of scenario, is it best to simply post onto this forum that has already started or start a brand new one? I'd prefer this one but didn't know if you would see the update once I posted next since it could be a couple days.


                            Secondly, is there one of the issues that seems more interesting to you?


                            Even though I moved the large project off of the Z820, that seems like it could be the simplest since it is a pretty new computer. That one doesn't play the footage without studdering.


                            Along the same lines, if I want to simply place the cursor at a different point on the timeline while the timeline is stopped, it may take 30 seconds before it actually moves the video to that point (what is displayed in the program monitor). Then if I hit the space bar to start it playing, it is the same type of long delay.

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                              Jim_Simon Level 8

                              The specific question asked in this thread seemed to be about backwards compatibility, which was answered.  I recommend starting a new thread for a new issue.