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    Error in ACR 8.2 after update in CC

    rechmbrs Level 1

      In trying to load a JPG file, by clicking on it, into PSCC via ACR, I get this error.  If I open PSCC and then load the JPG it goes through ACR fine.


      PSCC and ACR were updated through CC and on first try after update I get:


      PhotoshopCC64.exe - Entry Point Not Found


      The procedure entry point ??1?$TwoPassSynthesisInterface@U?$pixel@EU?$layout@U?$vector1@Ugray_c olor_t@gil@boost@@@mpl@boost@@U?$range_c@H$0A@$00@23@@gil@boost@@@gil@ boost@@@PM@@QEAA@XZ could not be located in the dynamic link library PatchMatch.dll.


      Recomendations please on what to do.


      Can I uninstall ACR and reinstall it?