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    NVIDIA Diplay driver crashes in Premiere Pro CS5.5

    blackrosekiller Level 1

      I have been editing AVCHD video in the latest version of Premiere Pro CS5.5 for some time now and then suddenly about 3 weeks ago I started having problems where the NVIDIA display driver for my GTX 580 would crash and then recover but kick me out of Premiere Pro in the process.  I had the Mercury Playback Hardware engine enabled.  Chaging it to software render mode fixed the issue and ultimately rolling my video drivers back to a previous version seemed to eliminate the problem completely allowing me to enable hardware render mode again.


      I turned off auto updates on my video card since then and last night the problem suddenly came back.  This time software render mode crashes too.  I can even have Premiere Pro open and not be doing anyhting and sometimes after a while it just randomly crashes.  It happens with all my projects and never in the same place on the timeline.


      I deleted all of the render files and recreated them and even imported the project into a new project.  This did not fix it.


      I tried reinstalling old and new drivers using the "clean install" feature.  No good.


      I edited the TDR settings in my registry increasing the delay time before it recovers as recommended by Microsoft when this issue occcurs and this did not resolve my issue.


      I am really concerned now because from everyhting I have read it should be working in software render mode.  Since it's not I am at a loss.


      I have other programs that use CUDA hardware rendering and none of them have an issue.  It just seems to be with Premiere.


      I also checked the temperature of the video card and that's fine.  No overheating issues with my MOBO either.


      I read somewhere that it could even be caused by a drop in clock speed on the card so I downloaded a utility to overclock my card and that didn't resolve the issue either.


      Any ideas?  I'm in crunch time on a major project and I can't render, export or do anything without it crashing.


      I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit, 12 GB of RAM, terabytes of hard drive space and an intel 6 core processor.  My specs are well above the requirements.  I have had this card since December and like I said, the issues just started a few weeks ago.