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    Problem importing .png graphics from Word 2010 document into Robohelp 10


      I'm importing Word 2010 documents (originally created in Word 2003) to Robohelp 10. All the images in my Word documents are .png files. Because I want them to remain .png files in Robohelp, I've selected the "Allow PNG as a Graphics Format" checkbox in Word. However, it seems that Robohelp will only pass through .png files when the images are 100%. If they are less than 100%, it converts them to poor quality .jpg files.


      Is there a way around this so I don’t have to resize hundreds of images before conversion?


      Also, Robohelp converts .png images in Word tables to .jpg files even when the images have not been resized (that is, they are 100%). Is there a way I can import images within tables as .png graphics?