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    Audio and animations are lost when uploading .pptx presentations to the Adobe Connect server.

    Tom 0872315

      Hello, I have made several Adobe Presenter presentations which contain voice narration and animations. These presentations play fine when viewed as .pptx files on my local computer, or published as .pdfs and viewed on my local computer, or emailed and viewed by others.

      However, when I load the .pptx files onto the Adobe Connect server, I can view the presentation, (with default 5 second slide timing), but the narration and animations are missing.

      I think that the audio and animation files need to be uploaded to the Connect server, but do not know how to do that. I've tried loading the presentation as a packaged .prpkg file, but Connect does not accept that file type. I have also tried loading the file onto Connect as a .pdf, but it won't open. Any ideas? I'm running Windows 7 with Adobe Presenter version 8.