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    Page Number and Reading Order


      I created a style for my page numbers in Indesign and added a tag.  When I open my PDF and check the reading order only the first two pages are showing up in my reading order.  I have to use the touch up reading order tool so the page numbers are read on all subsequent pages.  Is there something I can do in either InDesign or Acrobat Pro so all my pages are recognized by the reading order?  Thanks for any help!

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          Typically you do not want pagination and repetitive headers/footers to be read by a screen reader and they should be tagged as artifacts.


          Unless released, items that are on the Master Page in Indesign will be converted to Artifacts, and will not be part of the Reading Order. They will be visible in the Content Panel inside an Artifact tag, but not in the Tags Panel in Acrobat. 


          They are not going to be read by the screen reader or other assistive technology.  


          Occasionally, information included in a header will need to be manually tagged -- for example on the first page of a letter, where the logo and other information appears in the header.  Or, if the author puts the title of the document or section in the header. In such cases, this information should be tagged to read on the first page only, not when it repeats on every successive page.