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    Restart Page x of y for document sections

    sparrowce Level 1

      My document/form will be quite long, about 5 sections, 64 pages total.  Currently each section in Word is numbered per section pages, such as page 1 of 5, page 1 of 12, etc., depending on the number of pages.  But am converting the document to LiveCycle and am setting up master pages and assigning the pages of document to respective master page using the Place/On Page option. 


      It is working the way I want for headers and footers, as each header will be different per section, but the page numbering is not working.  On the master pages, under pagination, I've set them to start at one, but that is not working. 


      Before I get the whole document completed/set up incorrectly, could someone please point me in the direction of the correct way to achieve the restart at one?  And how to return number of pages within that master page group instead of overall document pages?


      Thank you!