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    Package as .idml file

    nathanalf Level 1

      So I have looked and looked, and it appears as if there is currently no way to do this.


      I am on the CC subscription, meaning I have the latest version. At my school, they are not upgraded yet - meaning they are still on CS6. When I go to open or turn in my files for a project, the .indd files refuse to open - stating that the version they were created in (CC) is newer than what I am trying to open it in (CS6). I understand saving as an .idml file alleviates this issue, but what I really need is a convenient way to transfer all of the related links and fonts to the school computer as well. But as it turns out (at least as far as I can see) there is no way (currently) to package a file as an .idml file.


      If I am missing something, please let me know. Otherwise, I suppose this is sort of a feature request. This is a tiny change that would help people in this situation quite a bit.