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    Adobe CC Video Software on MacBook Pro 13" i5


      I have the standard MacBook Pro 13" with an Intel i5 2.5GHz, 4GB RAM, a 500GB HDD and Intel HD Graphics 4000 512MB. It's running OS X 10.8.5


      I have yet to have any big editing projects to do on it and I would like to know how it will hold up when running the CC video editing software.

      The software the I use mostly is: Premiere, After Effects and SpeedGrade.

      Will my MacBook be able to handle it?


      I will be upgrading the RAM on my MacBook to 16GB here in the next couple of months. My main concern is the processor for long term use for editing. I know the RAM needs upgraded. I would really like to be able to edit on here smoothly, without any issues.

      Will the 16GB RAM make a big difference in it's ability to handle the software?