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    Image loading flag

      I'm loading Tile List with images, and I want to know (create event) when all images are loaded and displayed.
      I tried "creationComplete" but its triggered before the image is displayed.

      any help?
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          Mitek17 Level 1
          I think you have to listen for pairs of events: image::creationComplete & image::updateComplete.
          First event will be fired every time itemRenderer creates an image object and second event says that it is displayed.

          Also after all these events will be fired there will be another one from the TileList - "updateComplete" when all cells will be resized, rendered & displayed.

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            davidyn Level 1
            thanks Mitek17 !

            finally the image "COMPLETE" event did the job. I added iscomplete flag to the item renderer and looped thru the list and check if all of them are completed.

            thanks again!!