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    Glyph search WPtypographie problem


      I have an english and french document converted from WordPerfect to Microsoft Word, along with a script that searches and replaces WPTypographie with Times New Roman using Glyph ID.  For each document english and french document, a temporary variable distinguishes between each document thru language "en" and "fr" with simple if statement.   The document is imported and stored in a temporary textframe to perform search/replace of WPTypographic before being placed in main left/right textframes with textframe labels "ENMain" and "FRMain".


      Problem is when the second document is imported in the temporary textframe, the search/replace seems broken and does not locate the WPTypographie, causing InDesign to default to Times and return odd characters.  Example) ' is replaced with = sign.


      If I escape running script, and perform search of Glyph with Adobe Indesign thru toolbar menu, the search does not seem to find the WPTypographie either on the second document added into temporary textframe, even despite highlighting special characters that indicate that they are WPTypographie.


      I have tried to reverse import with search/replace done on french document first and then english, similar result.  The script cannot locate and replace the WPTypographie on the second document.


      Has anyone ever seen a similar behaviour?     


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          Peter Kahrel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not sure I understand your workflow entirely. Do you have two separate InDesign documents, one for French and one for English, or are the two Word files placed in one InDesign document, so that you have French and English in one document? And could you show us your script? Like this we haven't got much to go on.