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    Trying to create a FADE EFFECT between frames


      Is it possible to create write some actionscript which would cause a Flash movie to fade smoothly when jumping from one frame to another?

      For example, say I have a Flash movie with 10 frames with a 'stop' command on each frame with a navigation bar which allows me to jump from from frame to frame as I choose. Every time I jump to a new frame I want the content in the old frame to smoothly fade into the content of the new frame. And I want this to happen for the entire frame, not just certain elements. What would be the actionscript elements for doing that? Or is there a tutorial?

      Thanks in advance.
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          DZ-015 Level 1
          The way you're trying to do it, I don't think it's possible. If you are on a new position on the timeline you can't see stuff on the old position.

          Instead of putting your content on different frame-numbers on the timeline, put them all on the same frame number but on different layers. Then you can set the _alpha property of each movie clip to 0 (making them invisible) and frame by frame reset the _alpha of the movie clip you want to fade in up to 100.

          ...in short, it's more scripting than just jumping to a new frame... but that's the price you pay for sexy flash.