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    iPad app problems


      I have issues with my subscribed account and I'm hoping somebody can suggest a solution.

      I have been uploading photos via the iPad app and my iPad to my revel account while on a European holiday. The images seemed to be in my account when viewed through the app, however I have had to delete the app and reinstall it now all of my European library is now missing.

      On top of that the app fills my iPad memory up all the time.

      If I check my online library, ie not through the app, some of the European images are there, but not many, this is really frustrating the bejeezus out of me.

      I have reinstalled the app a few times and each time it syncs my library just about all the way then the blue status line freezes just before the end, I've tried rebooting, stopping, waiting, everything but it will not finish the library sync either.

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          Pattie F Employee Moderator



          When you select photos to upload, we first do an "import" which brings in the small previews so you can see them. We finish that numbered countdown and then we upload the originals and say we are "syncing" .When cloudy (the little cloud icon)  is working, you should see chasing arrows. If you exit the  Revel app while we are uploading we continue to upload for 10 min in the background and then stop and issue a notification. 


          You should only delete things off the device once cloudy indicates the "library is up to date"   You can check this by opening the library and noticing if there is a cloudy status in the library view. If there isn't a cloud icon you can check the settings panel and see cloudy there. If originals haven't uploaded completely on the device, then cloudy will be in the library view and indicate activity.


          It sounds like you might have closed the app before it completed uploading. When you delete the app, you cancel the incomplete upload and the full sized verison of the files will never arrive in the cloud.


          Try uploading and leaving the app open until the cloud status is "up to date".



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            rossco_34 Level 1

            Hi Pattie,

            Thanks so much for getting back, I've do e as you suggested and left the app open, it's been going overnight now with the little cloud thing twirling around, no luck as yet with the account syncing though.

            I'll leave it again for a whole day and see what happens. I do continually get a warning that I have to open Revel as an upload failed.

            I also have had a look at the account going through the www. Revel address and can see some but not all of the missing album.

            Thanks again


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              rossco_34 Level 1

              Hi again Pattie,

              I've left the cloud trying to sync my library now for about 11 hours, still no luck, I really can't think what else to do now.

              Any suggestions would be great.



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                Pattie F Employee Moderator

                Can you guess about how many photos you asked it to upload -vs- how many you see appearing when you login to adoberevel.com?

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                  rossco_34 Level 1

                  Hi, I would think there would be around 3 or 4 hundred.

                  I thought I may be able to force it to start doing something by adding anew album and just reload the missing pics, but when I hit the add new album icon I get the error message " cannot create a new album until the library has been synchronised for the first time" which, again, is a bit weird.