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    multiple choice field "other": label and type in doesn´t work?


      dear supporting team! i am a german user and i don´t know how familiar you are with this version- but if i try to add a multiple choice field to my form with the optionfield "other", then the following happens: you can either select the field "other" or type something in. but isn´t it supposed to be both? thanks a lot for answering!

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          jcanepa Adobe Employee

          The Other field is designed so that the form author (you) can allow form fillers to select a choice that was not provided in the form.  Red, Blue, Green or Other.  If they select Other the form filler can then provide an answer in the text input field (Yellow for example).  The text input field is only enabled for the form filler if they check the "Other" check box.  For the form designer (you) when you enable the "Other" field, you are able to edit the field label (Change "Other" to "Different") by clicking on the work "Other".  The text input field that is displayed is NOT enabled for the form designer.


          I hope this explanation helps.




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