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    Different languages with Photoshop variables/data sets


      Hi all,


      For a while I have been automating my work using datasets and variables within Photoshop, mainly because the images I create are translated into a lot of different languages. It works great, saves me a lot of time instead of doing this work manually.


      It works great with most languages French, Spanish, English etc. but I am having a hard time trying to get to work with other more complex languages such as Russian or Arabic.


      I have tried creating my data sets in plain text and .csv file but it seems that when imported into Photoshop it doesnt display the language correctly (Getting a mixture of stange symbols). Having searched Google, Adobe forums etc I cant seem to find any info on this issue.


      Has anyone had the same issue that can offer any tips or found any work arounds?


      Is there any plugins? does Photoshop CC offer an improved version of variables/data sets?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks, Vincent.


      Verson of Photoshop: CS6 13.0.5

      Edit: Mac OSX 10.8.5