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    Is there a quick way to make a universal change across many InDesign/PDF files?


      We are a mid-sized manufacturing firm that produces many different versions of our product. For each of our units, we produce a set of technical instructions, using Illustrator and InDesign. Within each instruction manual, there are pages unique to the individual unit, and pages that are universal (boilerplate) across all of our manuals. We export each complete instruction manual to PDF for printing and placement on our website. At present, we need to make a change to one of our universal pages that appears in every manual. Is there a way to apply the change across all of our manuals without opening each InDesign file separately, updating the link, and creating a new PDF? That process is obviously time consuming and labor intensive considering the volume of files that will need to be updated. As such, any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated. We would like to automate the process, even if it means updating our software or changing our method of producing instruction manuals.