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    Several problems with Digital Editions

    Miss Mokuyo

      I have several problems with Digital Editions.


      First: I bought and downloaded a new ebook today.
      When I wanted to open it and finish the download/licensing I had a problem report: E_AUTH_BAD_DEVICE_KEY_OR_PKCS12


      Second: Because of I fault I removed the Adobe-ID from my E-Reader. When I wanted to ad it again ther was also a problem report.
      It means something like: Digital Editions has found a fault at the activations server. (Digital Editions hat einen Fehler auf dem Aktivierungsserver festgestellt.)

      Third: When I try to open a eBook I already have at Digital Editions there comes this message: Licenskey is broken.



      Please help me to solve this three problems so I can use Digital Editions, my eReader and eBooks again!
      Thank you!