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    download EM patch 7.1 fails


      When trying to resolve an initialisation issue i tried to download the latest patch v7.1 from:-



      I get a time out  for the v7.1 patch but I can download the v7.0.1 patch


      http://download.stage.macromedia.com/pub/dw_exchange/extension_manager/win/AdobeExtensionM anager-7_1-mul-AdobeUpdate.zip (not working)


      http://download.macromedia.com/pub/dw_exchange/extension_manager/win/AdobeExtensionManager -7_0_1-mul-AdobeUpdate.zip (working)


      removing the .stage. from the link for v7.1 resolves the issue.


      Can someone please fix the link for v7.1.


      Thank you.