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    CFLDAP and Novell networkAddressRestriction

      Has anyone ever successfully used CFLDAP to modify the networkAddressRestriction attribute in Novell eDirectory? I have seen LDIF scripts and Perl scripts that can do this, but I have not found any CF scripts. The format of this attribute is a 6-byte string of unsigned characters. The first two (in my case) need to be "1#" (code indicating that the characters that follow represent an IP address), and then 4 unsigned characters (1 byte each) for the IP address. My attempts at playing with different character encodings of the 4-byte IP address string were unsuccessful, but I may easily have overlooked something

      The LDIF script that does this takes the full 6-byte string and Base64 encodes it. Is there a way to indicate through CFLDAP that a attribute's value is Base64-encoded? Or do I need to use Perl? Thanks.