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    HELP: Premiere Pro CC not using all CPU and RAM during rendering and export

    whanny Level 1



      I am using Premiere Pro CC on a Windows 7. My timeline is quite simple with two videos, one with the movie (mpeg) and the other with the subtitles (avi).

      When I render the sequence in PP or export, the rendering time is way too slow and it only uses around 15-20% of the CPU and 3 GB of RAM.

      My hardware config is :

      - CPU : i7-4770k 3.50Ghz

      - RAM : 8 GB

      - Disk : 2 x 3 TB SATA (no raid)

      RAM is not the bottleneck, neither the disk access.


      I have tried rendering and exporting the same project on an iMac (with an i5 2.7 Ghz and 4 GB RAM and only 1 disk) and the result is 4x faster !!!

      The CPU usage is close to 100% as well as RAM usage.


      So how come PP uses all resources availble on an iMac and not on a Windows 7 ?

      Is there any known bug or software bottleneck on Windows 7 ?

      My machine is brand new and nothing much installed besides Adobe products.


      Any help is very much appreciated.



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