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    custom submit button

    Marty McFly73 Level 1

      Hi all,

      Having a heck of a time here with this one.


      I have a custom "submit by email" button instead of the 'stock' one  Everything works great on a PC but not quite on a mac.  As I'm sure most ppl know, when you hit a 'submit by email' button, you are presented with a box that asks you "default email application" or "webmail".  On a mac, I will indeed get that using the 'stock' email button. But with my custom button, It goes straight to the default email application.  If there is no account in the default email application (ie: the user uses webmail), then the "configure new account" screen pops up.


      Does anyone know how I can get the "choice" screen working on a Mac using my custom 'submit by email' button?


      P.S.  Unfortunately I have to use a custom button because I am CC'ing the 'submit email' to the 2 user entered 'email' fields on the form.  Can't do that with the stock button (as far as I know).