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    Issue with resize in fullscreen to normal screen in proxy plugin using components

    suresh_hs_1978 Level 1



      I am developing a proxy plugin which inturn loads a external swf which has components.


      Note: The player used is the default OSMF Player contains in the OSMF package.


      The swf has a resize function which will be triggered from the plugin using the listener


      layoutMetadata.addEventListener(MetadataEvent.VALUE_CHANGE, onLayOutchanged)


      here is the below code of the resize function


      function _resize(_wid:Number,_hei:Number):void




          cb.setSize(width/2,cb.height); // cb is the combobox reference.



      In the initial display the plugin is rendered correctly and in the full screen also the the plugin is rended correctly.


      The issue is that when the player come out of the fullscreen the total plugin is shrinked to less than the player area.

      on debuggin i get the exact widh and height from the plugin.


      This issue is noted only while using component and is setSize function.


      For the reference i am attaching a sample projects. explains the issue.

      Download Link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/w1706117qqpchxg/osmf_player.zip