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    Cookie has a value when it should not


      I've been working on a bit of bot mitigation and began using checks against Cookie.CFID to verify the client has a value in reply.


      I'm using CF  9,0,1,274733


      application.cfm includes the following:

      <cfapplication sessionManagement="True" clientManagement ="False" setClientCookies="True" sessionTimeout="#CreateTimeSpan(0, 0, 2, 0)#">


      I disable cookies in FF 23 browser to simulate a bot and conduct the test.


      In my test the check for Cookie.CFID is as expected, empty.  Here is a snippet of code used to test this.


          <cfif REFind("YourIPAddress",CGI.REMOTE_ADDR)>

              <cfif ! IsDefined("Cookie.cfid")>


                      No Cookies as expected!



              <cfdump var="#Cookie#">


          <cfcatch type="Any">

              <cfdump var="#cfcatch#">




      And the result expected from that test:

      No Cookies as expected! 

      struct [empty]


      However, with the same test environment configuration as above in another page I'm getting a non empty struct when dumping cookies like this:

      <cfdump var="#Cookie#">




      Is there some function or feature in ColdFusion known to cause this behavior or is this a bug?