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    Packaging Indesign Files - Network to Desktop to Network


      Hi - I wanted to hear from people who work with InDesign files on a regular basis. I am not a guru with InDesign - so any advice/comments would be appreciated.


      Our end-users currently work with InDesign CS5 and CS6. Windows 7 Enterprise x64. I understand how packaging an INDD file works. It packages all of the links, photos, fonts, colors into the document – making it one large file.


      When the file is packaged (from Network to their computer), sometimes they want to take their laptop home with the saved packaged INDD file and work on it. After they edit their document – they return to the office and put the packaged file back on the network.


      When someone else goes to open the packaged file on the network – all of the links are then broken. There can be hundreds of links broken – which could accumulate hours of work just fixing the links.


      Is there any way to unpackage the INDD file and restore all of the links from the network?


      Again – any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance!