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    changing recording defaults in training simulation mode

    ayeletrabinowitz Level 1
      Is there a way to make textboxes appear automatically instead of hint boxes when recording in training simulation mode (or alternatively to format hint boxes so that they have arrows pointing to the relevant text or click box)?
      TIA for any advice.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi there

          I replied to this over in the TechShoret forums, but will reply with same here just for the sake of being complete and in case someone down the road searches.

          Okay, I'm thinking there are a few ways you would accomplish it.

          Method number one:
          This method isn't very clean. I'm guessing that you really want the hint caption to have the callout pointer at various places, depending on where the caption is as related to where the Click box is. This method would involve choosing a different caption type where the Callout Pointer is always perhaps pointing up and to the left. Then you copy this behind the scenes. The end result is that Captivate thinks it is using the rectangular caption type (the type with no callout pointer) and instead, the one with the pointer is used.

          Method number two:
          After recording, you edit one of the hint captions that was automatically added. Change it to use the callout pointer you want, then use the "Apply to all" feature to essentially create the same effect described above. All hint captions would then use the same callout pointer.

          Method number three:
          Before recording, instead of choosing a specific mode (Demonstration, Assessment Simulation or Training Simulation) you choose the mode labeled "Custom". You then edit the Custom mode so it includes all the features you would want. In this manner, you may combine the features of Demonstration mode with Simulation mode. I'm thinking this may be the approach you will want to take. But only you can decide that after reading what each approach offers.

          Hopefully this helps... Rick