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    SpeedGrade CC Rendering with Quadro 4000 (mac) vs. Resolve

    apelike_22 Level 1

      Hi there,

      I'm really enjoying learning SpeedGrade CC and am excited to put it into production, primarily as a means of transcoding Alexa and RED dailies for the spots we're cutting and finishing in house (the company is HutchCo Technologies in Los Angeles).

      The one holdup is that, while it seems apparent that SpeedGrade is using our Quadro 4000 for playback, it doesn't seem to be leveraging the GPU or CUDA at all for rendering. I've been running tests on some Alexa footage and getting consistent results. SpeedGrade CC is rendering out at between 5-7 fps while Resolve, with a similar grade applied to the exact same clip, renders at around 25fps. We have two 12 core Mac Pros, both using the Quadro 4000, and both give the same results.


      We're using Blackmagic Decklink hardware on both of our Quadro 4000 Mac Pros.  Is Resolve using some processing power from these cards to get improved render times?  I would really love to be using SpeedGrade CC for our dailies, but it doesn't make sense to do so when the render times are 4-5 times slower than Resolve.

      Is anyone else having this issue and, if so, can you recommend any workarounds? Most of all I'd love to know for certain if SpeedGrade is using the GPU to render.

      Thanks in advance for any insight.  I'm attaching screengrabs of my render interfaces which show the disparity in render rates.  The test clip is Alexa ProRes 4444 at 2k resolution, center cropped to display as 16:9, rendering with audio to ProRes Proxy.





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          Manuel LP Level 3

          well, it is my understanding that SpeedGrade uses the GPU for display the grading session in real time, but in the rendering process it only uses the CPU. So, I think that speed is OK.


          Sorry, I would like too that SpeedGrade was more fast (using multiple GPU, for example).

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            apelike_22 Level 1

            Interesting.  I would argue that it's one thing for the speed to be to spec and another thing altogether for the speed to be ok.  I cannot put the software into production when there is a free tool out there that does the same thing, with the same quality results, at a rate that's 4-5x faster. 


            I know SpeedGrade is still in its infancy and that a major update is coming in October, but this should be priority #1 for the development team.  Dailies grading is a big issue - I have to regrade the transcoded dailies we get from production about 75% of the time for a range of reasons - and its essential to have tools that can do it quickly and reliably. 


            Those render speeds make SpeedGrade both a misnomer and unusable when you're transcoding several days worth of 2K Alexa dailies and need it done before the editor gets on a plane.