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    Problems launching Bridge from Photoshop and opening files as smart objects in Photoshop from Lightr

    Dave Rosser Level 1

      I am running Photoshop CC (up to date as of today) and Lightroom 5.2.  I  am hitting 2 major problems.  In Photoshop if I select File/Browse in Bridge I get the following message


      "Could not complete the Browse in Bridge command because Photoshop was unable to find the JavaScript plug-in".


      However if I simply launch Bridge as an application it works ok (now I have reset the default application for all the appropriate file extentions to Photoshop CC rather than Photoshop in Bridge preferences) and opens the file in Camera Raw 8.2 in Photoshop when a Raw file is double clicked.


      The second problem is associated with opening raw files in Lightroom 5.2, editing and then trying to "photo/edit in/Open as smart object in Photoshop" .  In this case Photoshop opens with a blank screen and nothing happens  Eventually about a minute later this message appears in Lightroom 5.2


      "The file could not be edited because Adobe Photoshop CC could not be launched."


      Rather strange message as the first thing that happened was that Photoshop CC opened!!


      Same thing happens if try "photo/Edit in/Edit in Adobe Photoshop CC" except that having shut down photoshop I see a message from Lightroom 5.2 saying


      Lightoom was unable to prepare the selected file at ..... for editing.  It will not be opened.


      When I click the OK button on this message low and behold the tif version of the RAW file opens in Photoshop. ready for futher editing with all the Lightroom edits applied.


      Can anyone help me in sorting out this problem please


      Operating system is Windows 8 64 bit and I am running the 64 bit Adobe applications.