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    Creating a pop up graphic dialog box for a form

    Jeffclint Level 1


      I created a form that shows a JavaScript Pop-up warning dialog box when the user clicks on a specific checkbox.  I did this by creating an action “Execute a menu item” and “Run a JavaScript” on mouse up.

      I would like to know if I can create a graphic that will pops up after a user fills in a specific field and the pop-up is triggered when they try to tab to the next field.

      The first example works well but I need to create a pop-up that does not have the big red x . so I thought I could create a graphic in Fireworks or if there is an easier way.


      Any help and/or JavaScript code would be greatly appreciated!  The code I used for the first example is:




        cMsg: "WARNING! Trades Will Be Placed!",

        cTitle: "WARNING! Trades Will Be Placed"