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    PRE Output formats

    tumbleweed 2 Level 1

      In PSE and PRE 12, can I copy a slideshow with videos and photos onto a flash drive to display on an HD TV. 


      Can I output a video, or a slideshow with video and photos, in MPEG4 format?

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          PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

          Hello, I moved the discussion to the correct forum.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The Tutorial Links Page http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1275830 has links to several different Share options

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              Sandeep Singh Adobe Employee

              HI tumbleweed 2,


              Thanks for the posting on adobe forums.


              Please try this : http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premiereelements/using/WS09e4b3c48f3a79fc19b622510385d4355c-7d e2.html


              Happy Editing,


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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Yes, you absolutely can output in a number of MP4 compressions.


                I'd recommend Publish & Share/Computer/AVCHD with the preset for HD YouTube. It will produce an MP4 with the best size to quality ratio.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7

                  tumbleweed 2


                  For your consideration...


                  You say that you have Photoshop Elements 12 and Premiere Elements 12. How are you producing your slideshow - in Elements Organizer 12 and then sending it to Premiere Elements 12 with the Elements Organizer 12 Output option Edit with Premiere Elements Editor or are in doing this slideshow in Premiere Elements 12?


                  Since you mention that your slideshow is a mix of photos and videos, were are you introducing the videos? What are the properties of your videos and photos? Lots of considerations before you are ready to export your slideshow with the appropriate settings to a file saved to the computer hard drive and putting it on a flash drive.


                  What formats does your TV player support?



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                    tumbleweed 2 Level 1

                    Thanks for the reply.  I don’t have Elements and Premiere 12 yet, but am buying it soon.  Right now I’m copying them into an older version of the ProShowGold program; but would like to be able to do it all in Adobe PSE and PRE – which I’m told will work just as good a ProShowGold, or better.  The way I now believe it will work is to use the Organizer/Create/Slideshow to bring in the clips and photo’s into the slideshow timeline, then edit the slideshow in Premiere 12 if it contains videos, Elements if it doesn’t, send it to Premiere Elements to render it into a video and then save and output the slideshow in whatever format I choose from Premiere.  It remains to be seen if it will work that way, but I believe it will.


                    I use video clips from two different camcorders – one outputs .MTS format videos, the other .m2ts which is an AVCHD video.  When I currently output the video from ProShowGold, I use the .mp4 format, record it to a flash drive, and insert the flash drive into a USB port on my TV’s.  I’m hoping I can still do that with PSE and PRE 12.



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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      Please see my very first response.

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Thanks for the follow up with important information.


                        If your .mp4 USB flash drive is working for you now, I suspect that you will be OK with the Premiere Elements 12 exported .mp4. But, .mp4 is just a file extension. Video and audio compression that are wrapped by the .mp4 format can be deciding factors. Do you know what video compression was used in the .mp4 that you have been using on that USB Flash Drive? But, right now the prospects look good for success along those lines. Do the mini test runs before any grand project. We can detail that later.


                        Factors that I would ask you to consider:


                        1. Although you can import video into the Elements Organizer for organizable purposes, its Slide Show Editor has limitations in that regard. With the type of source video that you mention, you may run into Elements Organizer message such as

                        "The Slide Show supports only photos, Photo Projects Format, and Windows Media compatible video files. Your selection includes items of other types, which will be skipped."


                        If so and if you are intent on proceeding, then you can output with what you can to Premiere Elements editor, right click the slideshow which is now in a non wmv video format (.psess) on the Timeline, and use the Break Apart Elements Organizer Slideshow command to do just that so that you can import and insert your videos into the slideshow components already on the Timeline.


                        2. Alternatively you can set your Premiere Elements project preset manually based on the properties (probably those of the videos) and create as well as export your slideshow in Premiere Elements. Setting up the project is an important part of your expected success.


                        When you are ready, we can talk about details for pixel dimensions of the photos and how many of them there are as well as the properties of the video that is to be used. Armed with all that information, we can suggest the best possible .mp4 to transfer to your USB flash drive for TV viewing.


                        Please do not hesitate to ask if you need clarification on anything that I have written.





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                          tumbleweed 2 Level 1

                          Hi ATR,   Thanks for the response.   I appreciate all the information on how to do what I’m intending and will give it a try.  I downloaded PSE/PRE 12 just last evening, but haven’t played with it much yet.  I’ve saved your suggestions and am sure I’ll be able to make it work.  If I have more questions, I’ll post them.


                          To answer your question, the export format I have been using with Pro Show Gold is “MPEG 4, H.264 1080p”; so I suppose the H264 describes the video compression.


                          Thanks for your help.     tumbleweed 2

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                            A.T. Romano Level 7

                            tumbleweed 2


                            Thanks for the update.


                            We will be watching for your progress. Lots to check out.


                            When the time is right, we will go into the fine details of project presets, source media properties, and export opportunities.


                            Successful projects