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    Premeire Elements 12 Editing

    tumbleweed 2

      In PRE 12, can I edit a video clip and save it in place of the original with the same file name without making a "Project" out of it?

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          tumbleweed 2 Level 1

          OK, I guess I have posted puestions in the wrong forum.  Sorry.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Glad that you found the correct forum.


            All editing of Video, with PrE, is Project-based. You WILL need to create a Project, with settings that match the Video Source Files, or let PrE (11 and 12) create the Project for you, based on the specs. of the Video Source Files.


            Good luck, and hope that helps,



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              tumbleweed 2 Level 1

              Thanks, Bill.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                I may be picking up on a different angle of your question than others.


                Are you saying that you are importing your video, editing it, and now are left with your video in a project file (project.prel), and you are asking what next? Next, you would have to export that edited video with one of the many export choices in the Publish+Share area  of the program. In this case, I suspect that Publish + Share/Computer would be the direction you need to go in. But choices after that depend on the properties of the video file that you want saved to your computer hard drive as a replacement for another.


                All this takes us back to the beginning...

                a. what are the properties of the source

                b. what project preset did you or the project select

                c. which Publish + Share settings do I set to try to match as closely as possible the original


                If you got through a and b OK and need help with c, then please supply the information for a and b and we will make export settings suggestions appropriate for your situation.


                Please do not hesitate to ask if you need clarification on anything that I have written.





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                  PRE_help Adobe Employee

                  Hi tumbleweed_2,

                  Picking up from what ATR has already mentioned, the usual workflow in editing a video in Premiere Elements is (variants of)

                  1. Import,

                  2. Edit

                  3. Share


                  Bringing a clip into the Quick-Room or the Expert room means a project has already been created. Editing always involves working within the bounds of this project. And creating this project is automatic in most cases. And regards t saving the file, you can enter a file name and location of your choice to save it.


                  If we may have missed it altogether, could you explain what is your use case and concern?



                  Premiere Elements Team.

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                    tumbleweed 2 Level 1

                    Thanks for your reply.  I now have PSE and PRE 12 on my computer, but haven’t tried anything yet.  The process you describe below sounds like it will work for me – I’ll give it a try and see if it gets the results I want. 


                    To more fully explain what I was talking about, I was wanting to be able to edit a camcorder clip to eliminate the bad parts, and then save it in place of the original so it would have the proper date stamp and other properties included with the file.  In this way I won’t have to re-edit the clip in the same way anytime I want to use it in a slideshow, or display somehow.  I found I can do that (i.e. edit the clips one at a time) using the Windows Movie Maker and save the file as the original file name in an .mp4 format which is compatible with my TV’s and other programs I might be using – but still retaining all the information data attached to the original clip.  The process you explained below sounds like I can do the same using PRE 12 by going through the “Project” process and then output it back to the original folder with it’s original file name in whatever format I choose.  I’ll give it a try and if I have problems will ask more questions.


                    As a sidelight, a month ago I was trying to make a rather large video using Pro Show Gold with about 200 photos and 25 videos included in it.  The rendering time normally started out at about 2 hours, but the program would freeze before it got 3/4th the way through the process.  I called Pro Show Gold Customer Service and explained what I was trying to do and the agent told me that PSG isn’t capable of handling that big of slideshow – and then he said “I hate to recommend a competitor, but you might want to try Adobe Premiere Elements which I think may work for you.”  I ended up making 4 segments to the slideshow in PSG, but it worked Ok since in .mp4 format outputted to a flash drive, it plays the 4 segments on my HD TV’s as if they were one.


                    My wife and I always use PSE (we formerly had 11) to ‘tweak’ our photos and make slideshows, but the PRE version I previously had was 8 which lacks some of the current functions; so we decided to upgrade in hopes that the 12 version can do all that we try to do with it.


                    Thanks for your help!  Until I have the next problem,      Bye, tumbleweed 2