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    Flash CC does not publish swf and html files


      I'm having issues with Flash CC. When I go to publish my movie the status bar appeaers then quickly disappears and the html and swf files are not created. I'm also not able to export the movie as a quicktime or AVI file. Is there specific settings I must have to publish and export? Note: I am working with AS3 and tried to do a simpple test with a box moving left to right and I have the same problem.


      Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          Are you sure the HTML and SWF are not currently in use? For example if you publish and preview it in a browser, it can lock those files because they're "in use". Then Flash cannot overwrite them. You'd need to close the browser or any Flash Players displaying them. If that still won't overwrite, delete the files and see if they're re-created.


          If no files are being created at all, gointo publish settings and set a path to export the SWF and HTML file to, don't leaving it at the default (same folder as FLA). Try various places in fact to test permissions.


          If you're on Windows you could try running Flash CC as Administrator to also get around any file writing permission issues. Right-click on the Flash icon and select Run as Administrator.


          I've only really encountered this when my SWF/HTML was in use or stuck in a process.

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