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    Why is this massive media cache file on my C drive?

    msp1518 Level 1

      Running Adobe CS5 (NOT 6) on a Windows 7 PC.


      I thought I had made sure that everything was on my D or E drives since my C drive is an SSD and I don't want anything but the basics on it.


      Well, I have nearly 4GB of Media Cache eating up SSD space and no way to know if I can delete it, how to delete it, how to move that directory, etc.


      Whenever I start a project I have my source files on my E drive and I list my D drive as my scratch drive.


      Here is a screenshot showing the exact location of this huge Media Cashe folder.




      Gents, I'd greatly appreciate some assistance. My SSD is being eaten alive.


      Can this stuff be deleted? If so, how? What exactly IS that stuff and why is it on the C drive?